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School Recruitment

Recruitment process:

1, the release of information: recruitment website, the university Employment Network, the campus BBS release specific employment information, and opened the official website of the school's move platform

2, collect resumes: we will adopt the corporate Web site of the campus recruitment system to receive resumes, resume database entry;

3, the resume screening: We will resume for the first time the candidates resume sorting, filtering, sorting;

4, the first test: According to the resume screening results to determine the interview list.

5, re-examination: According to the preliminary examination and evaluation results, the winning candidate to communicate re-examination to confirm the results

6 contract: two interviews, we will be based on the actual situation of different schools as soon as possible and intends to enter into an employment agreement to employ staff

7 practice: we will arrange for staff to be hired to participate in internships

8 recruitment: the official candidate in the end of the internship and graduation certificate after graduating, labor contracts can be signed, formally employed

Jobs List
  Job title Work experienceSalary rangePersons to be recruitedRegion of workRequirements on educationPublishing dateNature of workApply for the job
  Seller Not limited Negotiable6Fuzhou  High school and above 2017-7-31 full time Apply for the job