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About us

Fujian Kaibang Polyamide Technology Co., Ltd.was founded in October 2006 with a total investment of RMB 1.37 billion by Tangshan Donghai Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. which has solid industrial strength and capital operation capability and produces an annual output of RMB 5 billion. Therefore, it provides reliable financial guarantee for our company. Our company covers an area of appropriately 552 mu (1 mu=666.7 square meters) and sits in beautiful Fujian Changle Binhai Industrial Zone (to the west of Lianggang Road), which occupies unique geographical location integrating inner harbor, outer harbor and airport, enjoying convenient transport, with location advantages in the textile industry.



Project Outlook

Our projects were recognized as Fujian Provincial Key Projects in 2007, 2008 and 2009 and our major products include Nylon 6 FDY,Nylon 6 HOY,Nylon 6 POY,Nylon 6 DTY,Nylon 6 twisted yarn, Cationic Nylon 6 yarn and so on. They are widely used in high speed looms (e.g. warp knitting machines, weft knitting machines, circular knitting machines), shuttleless looms (e.g. water jet looms, air jet looms and rapier looms), covering machines, hosiery machines, shuttle looms and texturing machines. In 2015, we offer newest products- Cationic Nylon 6 Filament Yarn and Deep Dyeing Nylon 6 Filament Yarn after the collaborative research of our company. They not only enhance dye shades but also improve color fastness in fabrics. They have even a multi-tonal effect in a one step dyeing process.

Recently, our company also provide nylon fabrics, ex:Light High Density Down Fabric, High Amino Eco-friendly Fabric and etc.



Corporate Responsibilities

Our company is committed to reaping economic benefit, social benefit, environmental benefit and staff benefit and attaching importance to environment and energy sustainability at the same time. To that end, it introduced advanced special spinning equipment and utility equipment from TMT Inc, Japan, Switzerland-based Uster Technologies Ltd., the United States, Germany and other countries, employed international advanced technology and management mode, engaged senior technical experts and built an excellent management team. As a result, our company takes the lead in the industry, boosts competitiveness, creates a favorable working environment and reaps social benefits, environment benefits, staff benefits and economic benefits at the same time.



Business Philosophy

Our company always sticks to the business philosophy of “Credit-based, Service First, Quality-oriented, Management-focused” and carries out the employment policies of meritocracy, fair, just and open mechanism, virtues, competence, dedication and common values. As a result, it can recruit and utilize talent and implement reform in management and products with absolute determination.

Looking into the future, our company will build up business by following the steps of weaving fabrics and clothes at first and then producing PET and CPL to integrate R&D, production and sales. Meanwhile, it will continue to introduce foreign advanced technology, equipment and management mode. By relying on successful innovation, management improvement and business reforms, it will improve enterprise quality and take the lead in global competition.



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